Massive content announced for Snowrunner after launch – includes modding support

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SnowRunner is shaping up to be a big release when it comes out later this month. Not only does it boast the biggest map in the franchise so far, but new details have been revealed for post-launch content for the Season Pass, as well as free content for all players. This includes new regions like Canada, Russia and Wisconsin as well as new activities, vehicles and even improved modding support.

Expanding and improving upon every aspect of the original MudRunner game, the off-roading giant will continue to grow after launch through its massive Season Pass, which adds new maps, features, vehicles, mission types, and more.” Check out the trailer below for more information on what’s featured in the Season Pass:

The content will be rolled out in several phases over the year after launch, each with their own unique theme and region. Phase 1: Search and Recover will launch the new region in Russia as well as a hunt for the lost wreckage of a World War 2 bomber, merely a few weeks after release, with more skins and vehicles included as well. 

Phase 2: Explore and Expand will feature the Canada region and includes several maps with special missions like leading the construction of a new settlement by delivering new tools and resources to construction workers. Players will also be able to witness the growth of this construction as new buildings are forged in the settlement. This phase will also see the introduction of modding support for the game.

Phase 3: Locate and Deliver includes the Wisconsin region and will feature logging making it’s return, with improved and revamped mechanics for the activity. The 4th Phase will be the conclusion of the season, no details are given as of yet but the developers promise it will be a “massive expansion”.

The free content delivered with each phase to all players includes new activities, new customization options, trials, more extreme cargo and more.

Snowrunner will be available on April 28th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The premium edition will include all the Season Pass content announced so far.

What do you think of the news? Are you excited for Snowrunner? What phase looks the most interesting? Let us know!

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